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AlertGasoil® Revolution / Philosophy

Philosophy (Why AlertGasoil®)

Avenir Développement Durable is fully into the on-board telematics business. Still, it’s better to be really distinctive!
The AlertGasoil ® technology is not a simple GPS tool but a unique partner for fuel cost management.

As the old saying goes: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

Although this advice applies perfectly to transport too, it is very rarely followed.
Indeed, hauliers not using AlertGasoil® typically calculate fuel consumption through fill-up bills.

This is a very rough method, for two reasons:

– it includes all fuel use, productive as well as unproductive (theft, idling);
– it is “passive” because it only gives fuel consumption information ‘ex post’ i.e. after the fuel has been consumed (typically a 10 days’ delay).

AlertGasoil® is a revolution first and foremost because of its method: check and measurement of fuel tank content. The amount of fuel in the tank can be measured very accurately; the patented AlertGasoil® gauge is linked to a database of over 3,500 known fuel tanks, tested and calibrated during four years of research and development.

This explains the accuracy of AlertGasoil® : precise information on the amount of fuel in the tank, measured 960 times a day, 24/7.
At each of these 960 daily checks, AlertGasoil® records, besides fuel levels, the following additional data:
– GPS location of the vehicle
– speed
– Position of the ignition key
– whether the engine is on or off
– Distance travelled since the last check (i.e. 90 seconds ago)
– Vehicle driver

The AlertGasoil® philosophy is simple: Real-time fuel tank content measurement is the only way to calculate, hence manage, fuel consumption