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AlertGasoil® Software / Checks

99% of transport companies are victims of fuel theft. 1 out of 2 hauliers consider it as a major problem for their company. *

AlertGasoil® works because it detects the slightest movement of the tank content; whether upward or downward. AlertGasoil®clearly measures subsequent declines in fuel levels. The sensitivity of the system triggers immediate action:
-measuring decreases in fuel levels
-sending an immediate alert (email or sms)
-the alert is repeated every 90 seconds until the theft stops.

The client application can confirm the ongoing theft and its GPS location, for instant redress.
AlertGasoil® does not just reliably detect ‘theft by siphoning’ or on the company site; it allows protects you against ‘theft at the pump’.
Through the exact measurement of the tank content you can compare fuel bills with actual increases in tank content.
The AlertGasoil® patent allows fuel consumption to be split up between running and idling, unlike the methods that hauliers use today (including CAN bus).

With AlertGasoil® you can then eliminate the unproductive consumption during idling (typically between 5% and 7%).
AlertGasoil® is not just a real asset in the fight against fuel theft (one kind of "consumption" without driving), but it can also identify other forms of unproductive consumption.

Around 500 to 1,500 litres of fuel per year per vehicle is typically used while idling. Only AlertGasoil® enables action against this type of waste because it times and locates (included in the AlertGasoil® subscription) every case. In addition, it measures fuel use during idling. Less than 6 minutes of idling, typically from traffic lights and congestion, are not taken into account.

AlertGasoil® hence identifies unproductive consumption like during idling, and enables immediate remedial action (customer communication, training, ...): instantaneous value added.
In no time it therefore helps reduce idling consumption to almost nothing.
*Study by Data-deliver « La problématique du vol de gasoil dans le transport» ("The problem of diesel theft in transport.").