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References / Their words

Their words
David Bray, Transports Bray:

"AlertGasoil® technology provides us in real time a vision on our stock, which is a sleeping money. But also, it allows us to be proactive and without delay on: thefts, idling, fillings…
With AlertGasoil®, we are working on 2 principal fields:
- reduction of unproductive consumptions, idling,
- optimization of the filling policy”
Jean-Yves Astouin, transports Provence Astouin:

"AlertGasoil® provides precise informations helping us to reduce the volume of transported fuel. This one is considered as sleeping money we want to take back going from 65% of non used fuel to 30%.”
Alain-Stéphane OBERSON, Transports Oberson:

"We reiterate our confidence in AlertGasoil® equipping our whole fleet, 60 motors for 3 sites."
"Our choice for AlertGasoil® is due to 2 key elements:
- The ease of use of the system and its application,
- The quality of information on the AlertGasoil® web application”
Michel CHALOT, Chalot Transports:

“I recommend AlertGasoil® without hesitation.”
“Since I have AlertGasoil® on my trucks, I get no theft. It’s a good stock control system and even as deterrent tool. The application is easy to use and provides us precise information that permits a better day to day monitoring. In addition, the new Iddle Time report is very useful.”
Laurent DELVALLE, Transports NAVAUX :

"A real awareness-raiser."
"AlertGasoil® has several benefits. Firstly, it has made us more aware of the role of fuel costs in transport companies, and the important role we have to play in reducing it. We started the experiment by a pilot of five vehicles on which we immediately realised a saving of 2%, which in France we tend to call ‘the angels' share". We felt the effect on consumption quickly too, it fell from 38.6 L to 36 L in late February. Overall savings last year amounted to € 60,000. "
Patrick LAHAYE, Transports LAHAYE :

"Significant savings."
"Fuel is the second largest cost item in the business. It has become a necessity to optimize its management. With AlertGasoil®, we significantly reduced our fuel costs. AlertGasoil® allows us to monitor the consumption of our vehicles in real time and instantly warns us of diesel theft. The idling analysis has also delivered significant savings. " ////
Claude BLANCHER, Transports BLANCHER :

"A saving of € 50,000 over the year."
"Three months of using AlertGasoil® made us realise we needed to better manage the amount of fuel in the tank. We have removed the second tank, which means we could cut our stock by 25,000 litres. We also reduced deadweight, which save us an estimated € 50,000 over the year. The idling analysis lead to an additional 3,000 litres of savings. AlertGasoil® is the essential management tool to reduce fuel costs. "
David SAGNARD, Transports CARPENTIER :

"The fight against waste."
"The decline in transport volumes combined with increasing costs and the difficulties in price adjustment make managers ‘fight against waste’ again. "Fuel accounts for a third of the costs of a lorry. AlertGasoil® gave us 9.41% lower fuel consumption due to less theft, and better management of idling and fill-up policy. "
Vincent Dandoy, Transports DANDOY:

"Reliable data in real time."
"We opted for AlertGasoil® because we were looking for a reliable tool to reduce fuel consumption of our vehicles, reduce fuel theft, and better monitor our overall fuel consumption. The system meets our expectations and our wish to manage the company in a sustainable way by empowering our crew of drivers. With AlertGasoil® we can verify our fuel use very accurately and hence utilize reliable data in real time. "
David STAROSTA, Transports DYS :

"Halting theft."
"12%: that’s the dramatic reduction we have seen in the 6 months since we started partnering with AlertGasoil®. We could also stop diesel theft using real-time alerts. Now we also have a GPS system for our vehicles. AlertGasoil® is the ideal solution to cut fuel waste, also in the context of improving our environmental performance, a must for any haulier. "
Julien et Virginie PREVOST, Transports PREVOST :

"The necessary additional tool."
"We are already equipped with on-board telematics, however AlertGasoil® is the necessary additional tool to manage fuel consumption." ////
Patrick GENDRON, Transports GENDRON :

"Saves 10% of fuel."
"We cannot realise higher margins through our operations. We have to seek productivity gains on the expenditure line items. We can manage the social aspects since we have had GPS positioning for many years. The next logical step is the fuel cost item, and we need to have effective tools that are simple to use and give instant comparisons. AlertGasoil® has led to 10% fuel savings only through changing driver behavior. " ////
Mickaël GOALEC, Routiers Bretons:

"Efficient and simple."
"AlertGasoil® is an effective and simple tool that works at three levels: detect fuel theft, lower unproductive consumption, and environmentally important, fuel economy per driver. This innovative system has enabled us to reduce our idling by 68%. "
Jérôme CALLEWAERT, RDV Transports :

"The effective solution to reduce our fuel consumption."
"With AlertGasoil®, we finally found an effective solution to reduce our consumption in various ways. Theft, monitoring of consumption while driving and idling, and the management of fill-ups"